Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Evening update - miso porridge & more wait time for the beet kvass...

I did some reading on some other "nourishing" blogs this evening (recommended reading: Kim at The Nourishing Cook) and have decided to let the beet kvass sit in the refrigerator for an extra week before I drink it.  The extra time allows the flavor to mellow and a little fizz to build up.  Sounds good to me!

Tomorrow morning I'm going to try Sally Fallon's recipe for miso porridge for the first time.  For over a year now I have been a huge fan of her basic breakfast porridge recipe in "Nourishing Traditions."  I'm looking forward to trying this new (for me) variation on porridge.

I think it's funny that as a kid I despised oatmeal.  However, one bite of creamy, old-fashioned, soaked oatmeal topped with fresh butter and cream and ~swoon~ I fell in love.  If you think you hate oatmeal, give the porridge recipes in "Nourishing Traditions" a try.  You may just find your new favorite breakfast food.  Plus, you'll be surprised at what a "fast food" soaked oatmeal really is!

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